Sunday, 22 May 2011

Photos of the entries

1968 Ford Mustang, from here.  This is the year and model of the one
we'll be driving.  I'll post the actual as soon as I have piccie.
NOTE: the photos below are not actual pictures of the entries, but examples of the same model and year (except for the Pajero) from the internet.  I've made acknowledgment via links to the sites I got them from, for which "hat-tips" to all.  Photos below:

1970 Mercedes 280SE from here.  There are three similar in the event

1957 MG Magnette, from here.

1968 MGB GT from here.

Misubishe Pajero. The entry is 1966.  This is a 1983 example, the oldest I could find.

1966 Peugeot 404 from here.

1965 Triumph TR4A, from here.

1964 Volvo 122 from here.

1971 VW Camper van, from here.