Friday, 26 August 2011

Is this tent big enough for two big Aussies?...

Update: Gordon's response, 27 Aug:

Looks OK bring it along. We will have a look if it's too small I will grab another. I will be in CT Wednesday and will pick up the car, buy some tools (there are no tools not even a jack in the car) and head to Segefield which is 5 hours down the coast. Will be back Friday. I will be staying in the Hotel from Friday. On the week end I will finalise camping gear, so if you want to lend a hand feel free. I thought a ground sheet, two camping chairs, and I will have to check with Roger re cooking etc. Not sure how self sufficient we need to be.
Just checking with Gordon, if the tent below really is big enough for the two of us.... Gordon has said that it should be small as possible, as most of the boot is taken up with extra fuel tanks, but still.....
If not, I've just time to rush down to the local outdoors shop to pick up something a bit roomier:

Peter with "the tent", backyard Siena One, Hong Kong, 22nd June 11