Friday, 26 August 2011

A week to go...

... till I depart Hong Kong for Cape Town, via Johannesburg.  Arriving there at 11:25 am on the 3rd September, picked up by Samier Saliegh a contact of my old sailing mate Pit's, then to Pit's place for a few nights, then over to the Leisure Bay Resort Hotel, where there's a Braai (aka BBQ) with Press, on the evening of the 5th, before our departure on the 6th September.

Note from Steffen that he's now got a co-driver (aka "co-pilot"...) and will be joining us. For a while there, was thinking/hoping that one of my mates might take that seat.....  Steffen's cars and teams below, in his email of 25/8:

Steffen and his team
Hello Roger, (and the rest of our team :-) )

I just want to inform you that I found a co-pilot at the last second. His name is Walter Teetz and he will join us from Windhoek to Nairobi. He will stay with me in the Twin rooms which were already booked as you said. Walter is the owner and the chief mechanic of Orion Motors. I think, he will be a good part and also a kind of security of our team. Then we have 2 good qualified mechanics in our team.

Friendly regards to all,

p.s. See you in Cape Town, and then lets hit the road!!!!  8-)