Friday, 24 June 2011

Crocodile carpaccio, anyone?

In front the "Copper and Lumber Store" Hotel,
Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua May 2006.
"Pit" is in front of me (back, L).  Other Peter (Brit) at back and Kay Hirsch (German)
Thinking about the trip to South Africa, I recalled "Pit" Süssman, with whom I did a trip across the Atlantic in May 2006 -- Antigua to the Azores, on an Ocean Lord 40' "Ocean Wanderer". There were four of us, plus Boogie, the Dutch skipper, who taught me celestial navigation on the way across.
Pit's from South Africa, where he owns a crocodile farm which produces crocodile leather and smoked or carpaccio crocodile meat!
The company is Izintaba.

I'm still trying to get in touch with Pit.  Maybe we can drop by his farm on our Rally, and wrap our laughing gear round some croco-carpaccio...
Update 13 July: thanks to Pit for name of Kay Hirsch above, our fourth crew member.  Also for several other emails and the offer to stay on the 3rd September, the day I arrive in Cape Town...
Update 25 June: got response form Pit.  Seems he lives in Cape Town, where our Rally starts on 6th September:
Let me know when you are in SA (dates & locations) and surely I will make time available.
Presently I am travelling in Germany and will be back to Cape Town on the 3rd July.
Best regards