Thursday, 23 June 2011

Visas, sitrep

Putting down here for ease of my reference; what I've found out about visas, so far (for holder of an Australian passport):

South Africa 4-6 Sep No Visa needed
Namibia 7-8 Sep No Visa needed
Botswana 9-10 Sep No Visa needed
Zimbabwe 11-13 Sep Visa at port of entry
Zambia 14-15 Sep Visa at port of entry
Tanzania 16-22 Sep Visa in HK
PP, air ticket, letter,
Yellow fever cert [Done 10/8]
Kenya 23-28 Sep Visa in HK or border
As per Tanzania, 3 mth validity [Done: 1 Aug]
Ethiopia 29 Sep - 5 Oct Yes, 15 minutes
As per Tanzania [Done: 4 Aug]
Sudan 6-11 Oct Visa in Addis Abbaba
Egypt 12-21 Oct Yes, apply in August
2-month validity