Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ron's 1970 VW Campervan

Ron's 1971 Campervan
I sent out email yesterday to the rally organiser Roger's email list and got back several responses.
Below from Ron Bellerive.  Have asked him for photo (now above). Mentioned that Gordon's yachting somewhere in Scandinavia, I think, and leave to Gordon to get back to him in due course.
We had a VW Campervan in the sixties with that famous Jimi Hendrix black & white ("tone drop-out") image stencilled  on the front (hey, it was the sixties...).
And I also a series of VW sedans.  Great student transport, in those days. There's a story about "the blue one", which is for telling somewhere, sometime, over some campfire....

Hi Peter,  Hi Gordon, Thanks for the link.  Wendy and I look forward to meeting you. I see your car has been shipped.  Do you have an agent in Cape Town to receive it and clear customs?  Our VW is now in the container and on its way but we have not confirmed an agent in SA.  Will you shipping back out of Cairo or Alexandria?  We are still undecided on continuing to London.  It's cold there that time of year besides after two months we'll probably be hitting the wall, and wanting to return home.

cheers,  Ron