Sunday, 12 June 2011


This is the only neutral image I can get for Sudan.
If you google images, they are of starving people
or army guys with AK-47's in flatbed trucks....
Roger's email gives a rather more phlegmatic picture...
Message from Rally organiser, Roger, yesterday 11 June:


A bit of news on the Sudan. I have managed to track down a guide who I have used before and he will take us off the beaten track to Kerma and Karima. There is a strong possibility that he can arrange a Nubian house to use in Karima and Kerma. I have done this before and it is very pleasant sleeping on an earthen veranda as against a tent in the sand. He is also tracking down a cook we used once who will prepare local dishes under the stars. Absolutely magical.

For those who haven’t scanned their passports, please do as we need them to pre-register in the Sudan.

I will sending out accommodation lists for Ethiopia ,the Sudan and Egypt to assist with visas. Please try to apply for the Ethiopian visa which is valid for an arrival date of the 27th September and not the 28th so that if we can get through Marsabit/Moyale a day earlier it will take off the pressure with the Sudanese Embassy in Addis. An extra day in Addis is better than a day in Moyale on a scale of about 1000 to 1. Also, you MUST have the Egyptian visa in your passport before we leave Capetown.

Have a good weekend.

PF: My discussion with Sudan honorary consul (HC) here in Hong Kong below the fold...
Me: it's Peter Lee here [I use "Lee" when in Hong Kong; it's easier than going through the spelling of "Forsythe"]

Receptionist: I'm sorry, Mr Peter Lee is not here.
Me: no, I'm Peter Lee, I want to speak to the honorary consul.
R: He's Peter Lee.  And he's not here....
Later with Peter Lee the HC
Me: Hello Mr Lee, I'm Peter Lee
Lee: yes?
Me: I'd like to enquire about a visa for Sudan.
Lee: what for?
Me: I want to visit there in September.
Lee: what for?
Me: for tourism
Lee: [long pause].... you want to go for tourism?
Me: yes
Lee: what for?
Me: it's a car rally organised by the Classic Car Rally.
Lee:  [long pause].... what for?
Me: for fun
Lee: [long pause].... we don't do visas for tourism or for fun... only for business.
I just give up at that point, believing as I do now that we can visa on the way, as seems to be the case from Roger's email above.  Meantime, other visas for the route don't seem to be too much of an issue to get here in Hong Kong.  Hope I'm not speaking too soon!  I have spoken to the Egyptian consulate here, who gave me a bunch of paperwork, but told me not to apply before August, as the visa is only valid for two months ahead.