Wednesday, 29 June 2011

South African AA Crossboder information... with Lion....

From Roger the rally organiser.
Click here for pdf detail
Roger adds:
If you go to the VisaRequest website and look at their Sudanese application form it now says that the visa will be “valid for two months from date of issue”. According to my calcs we should be able to obtain the visa before we leave and if this is so it will save a huge amount of hassle in Addis. I wrote to Jaco asking for clarification on this yesterday and as soon as he advises I will let you know....
I have always fitted 50 x 50 triangles front and back.
 Welcome to the world of the Egyptians! You will enjoy Aswan customs. Mind you Wadi Halfa is a mind boggling experience.
Attached is a picture of my, the Magnettes, rear reflectors and something I came across in Namibia last week.

Roger's 1957 MG Magnette
"Something I came across in Namibia last week"