Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A menagerie of photos: Sudan

Sufis in Khartoum -- men only -- whip into ecstatic stupor. Note
Barak Obama in the middle of the photo.  Friday night in Khartoum
Wallflowers on the same evening.  No place for women, even in
moderate Sufism

Click below to see some more photos of the last week or so.....

Latest fashions in Khartum, but if you prefer something a little less racy...
.... then perhaps something a touch more demure may be for you.

The mighty 'Stang at a coffee stop in the middle of the desert.
Khartoum to Karima, Sudan. Temp: 44 degrees (every day...)

Young Aimin, Nubian in Karima

Young Nubian girls in Karima are real vamps for photos: here by Val

And they bounce around the 'Stang...
... while their mums and aunties look on.

Karima's own Uluru, early evening.
Mini Pyramids in Karima, Sudan

Study in Green.  Most buildings in Sudan are mud.  This one from the
local sandstone.
The Nubian Rest House.  We started off in a Nubian House: considerably
sparser.  Cots and single squat toilet for 18...  So we decamped to this one.
Note the breast-like roofs: a sign of Nubia

Cooling off near the Nile.  Road to Kerma, north Sudan.  Temp: 44 C.
Gordon helps Ian and Val get their MGB cooling properly, rigs effective
water spray from the windscreen washer tank to the radiator.  Neat!

Loading cars on barge in Wadi Halfa, Sudan, for the 24-hour trip to
Aswan in Egypt. There is no civilian road between Sudan and Egypt.
Wendy dashing on the left.  [Note her Nubian clobber]. Since then, Ron's and her Kombi has a
Carnet problem and they've had to leave it in Aswan.  We await news...

Lake Nassar at Wadi Halfa, Sudan.  We went swimming here.  Not real nice, but we
needed a bath: no water available at the a Nubian House
Arvo kip, waiting to leave a Nubian House, Wadi Halfa
Sudan.  It's 45 degrees in the shade.  Not much shade...

Our luggage is taken off the ferry from Wadi Halfa to Aswan in Egypt
The ferry ride is 24 hours.  Clearing customs in Egypt: four hours.
Near riots at the Customs house, appropriately misspelled "hole".

Sandi and Cris on a felucca, Aswan, Egypt
Cool way to travel, huh!

A young lad hitches a ride on our felucca
The water's real nice! Sweet and clear

Our felucca pulls in to Nile riverside.  The owner is there in his
traditional thawb (aka the "Dish-dash")  I tried to negotiate a ride down to
Luxor on his felucca, but couldn't get four more of my car-mates to
make the quorum: also ladies concerned about bathing/ablutions...
(The trip downriver would have taken three nights)

The Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan, opened in 19th Century, and where Agatha Christie
stayed to write "Death on the Nile".  Part of the movie was filmed here as well.

This is the 1902 restaurant in the Old Cataract.
As the name suggests: opened in 1902.  Omar Sharif
also dined and stayed here and left a charming inscription