Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cape to Cairo: Route

From 15 May[cross-posted from family blog]:
I just committed to accompany Gordon Ketelbey as his co-driver in a rally from Cape Town to Cairo, from 6 September to 21 October.  Not sure of details yet; Gordon will let me know when he's back in Oz.  He's sailing in some races in Europe at the moment.  We got to know Gordon at the King's Cup last year, where he was crew on Baby Tonga, one of our competitors.  We asked him to join us on Xena for the Hong Kong to San Fernando race in April and he flew up from Melbourne for that.  Gordon's about my age, retired having sold a business about the same time we sold Wall Street International, 4-5 years ago.
He loves sailing and classic cars.  Wise man....
Below jpeg of the itinerary.  If printing, best in Landscape, not portrait.
Revised, per Roger's email of 24th June.  Click to enlarge.