Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Gordon's Mustang

The magic Mustang, down by the Cape, September 2011
Update (15/9/11): For those interested in cars: it's a 1968 Mustang, modified to FIA Race Rally standards, with full crash cage, racing seats and full harnesses, new 301 cu in (5 litre) engine, with 5-speed box, heavy duty radiator,  extra heavy duty suspension, raised, with crash pads underneath, and we carry spares for just about everything from wishbones, to clutch. Here in Africa, it's hugely popular. Everyone wants to buy it!
Gordon's 1968 Mustang, just before being shipped off to Cape Town
And look at all that cool navigating gear to play with!...
I recognise the GPS on the left: same as we use on the boat
But where's the Aircon and Cruise Control??