Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Siena to Brescia

Friday 18th May: Piazza Del Campo, Siena

Campo tower

An odd view of my face: sunburnt and soot encrusted.  Our little Ermini
had no protection, none for safety and none for the elements

Going down the straightway at Monza racing circuit. No
need for directions ...

At Monza people came out in thousands to welcome the classic cars

Our little Ermini, a racing car in the fifties, now on the classic circuit
with plenty of other company: 450+ in the MM this year

A lovely 1948 Bristol 400.  This is the sort of car I should be
in, not old racing cars...

In the Villa Mazzotti, Chiara, on way to Brescia, 19 May

We were early in Brescia*, waiting at a pub for other cars to catch up
folks - strangers - came up to chat.  These are German car buffs
Michael and Christine

At the end, Brescia: the "Dream Team" of Pietro Tenconi.
LtoR: Dico, Angelo, Claudio, Pietro, Fraser, Eduardo Tenconi
*Why were we early in Brescia? Because of the breakdown - a pretty major breakage of a part of the differential system, which would have taken days to fix normally - we had to miss the section from Rome to Milan.  When fixed, we went straight to the Monza Racetrack - a very famous F1 racetrack - to join the other cars, which turned out to be the front runners.  We did our time trial and headed off. Result: we were early in Brescia, waiting for Jing and John to text us that they were on the finish line, then we joined the cars that were coming through.  It took about 2.5 hours for all 450+ cars to go through the starts and finishes.