Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cape to Cairenes II

Update 19th September (see bottom of post)
Val and Ian Gallagher, Nata Lodge, Botswana, 10 Sep
Val and Ian are Namibians from Windhoek.  Originally from Ireland, they've been in Namibia for 20 years, in the construction and real estate business.  They have only recently become involved in classic cars.  Their 1968 MGB GT, in traditional British Racing Green, is lovely, but's given some problems along the way: first a burst gasket, fixed in Springbok, SA, then blown clutch near Windhoek, Namibia.  The clutch fix needed the engine taken out overnight, with great help from Walter, travelling with one of the Mercedes.  After herculean effort, they got it done and managed to catch up with us in Hwange, two days ago.  Great job guys!
Ian at the Kariba Dam Ferry, 13 Sept

Ian gets down and dirty in Windhoek: in the engine bay of the B...
Update 19th September: Val has asked me to post a couple of pictures of Frankie at a garage in Mbeya, who gave them a very good lesson in geography, on Africa, England and Italy, written in the sand. 
Ian, Frankie and welders, fix the muffler
"The car may not make it to Cairo, but the muffler will" says Ian