Friday, 9 September 2011

Cape to Cairenes

First:  See my "catch-up post" here.
Then: I thought I'd do a brief bio of each couple on the trip, starting with...
Sandi and Chris
Sandi Webb and Chris Buckley drive the Volvo

Sandi and Chris are from Malawi, where they own and run the Ngala Beach Lodge.  They met Roger Pearce, the race organiser in 2007, at the Nairobi Concord and said they'd be interested to do a rally from Cape Town to Kenya.  Roger said he'd be doing a bit further than that, this year, all the way to Cairo, so they signed up for the Cape to Cairo 2011.
They were going to do the race in a Triumph TR4A, which they admit would have been a "terrible decision".  Instead they spotted a Volvo Amazon 1800, almost wrecked, in a garage in Harari and said "this is the car for us", and so it's been.  A lovely vehicle, travelling well.
Sandi keeps a blog of the trip, here.
Sandi and Chris' Volvo Amazon 1800; when they found it, it had grass growing on it....