Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A day on the dhow

Yesterday arvo, ten of us take out the totally local, absolutely non-touristy dhow, a lateen rig (means "Latin"; does that help?), used in these parts for centuries.  I must get Stevo here with some North sails, as these scraps of cloth have a touch of the "mother hubbards" about them.... big tear in the mainsail (the one and only), I guess trying out the parasail concept....

Gordon does bow on the dhow

Deb and Val at Mid-mast

The Masters of the Mustang, Peter and Gordon get to grips with the performance of a dhow.
Note the colour of Peter's Crocs.  Carmen suggests they're not "cool". Whaaat??!

Hard working crew on the dhow...

And so....off to bed  beer