Monday, 5 September 2011

A Day or two at the Cape

Staying with sailing buddy Pit and Gundi, Somerset West
in the Heldeberg wine producing country.  Grace in 3 acres

Uva Mira Vineyard in the Heldgerberg area of the Cape
My generous and gracious hosts: Pit and Gundi.  Note my new
South African hat: the new crew hat for Xena

Pit at St John's, East Cape peninsula

Bit of colour (bathing huts).....

... bit of black and white....

And bit of colour again (Flamingo Flower)

Probably should've started the Rally to Cairo from here.

Gundi at Cape Point

Cape Point cliffs, surrounded by bird life

View up the west coast of the Cape Peninsula; gorgeous desolation

And a couple from Pit:
Gundi and Peter at lighthouse, Cape Point

The once-a-month steam train, Simonstown, Cape Point