Friday, 9 September 2011

"Dere be devils"

Last night, heading off on foot to the Old Wheelers' Club of Windhoek (25 years old this year), the lovely young fellow at the hotel, Corne, pronounced "Cornay", who is as gay as a French Horn, was worried for me.  "Why", says I, "it's an easy walk down the hill."  "No", says Corne, "it's just that when it get dark, the devils dey come out".
So I walked at a hurry, in the desert gloaming.
The Old Wheelers turned on a braai for us, and Eric Dettering, Chairman, wished us well on the next 43 days of our trip....
Audi, Fiat 500 and Goggomobile, Old Wheelers' Club, Windhoek