Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Zizzing in Zanzibar

Dhow on the Dar
Well, yes, catching up on some sleep, for sure, after ten days or more of up to 750km per day....
But also out and about in Zanzibar.... a much more multi-ethnic place after Southern Africa, and much more Muslim as well, about 90%.  A mix of African, Indian, Portuguese, Arab, mixin' and fixin' in Swahili, much more than the ubiquitous English of the South.
So, here's some photos of Dar and Zanzibar, an Island about 40nm north of Dar.  Beautiful beaches, pure hard white sand, protected by a reef to the East. And, not to forget — birthplace of Freddie Mercury. Which you note all around town…
Zizzing on the Zanzibar ferry

Waiting to praise Allah

Guy climbs coconut tree with just a bit of rope on his ankles
No health and safety nonsense
Lateen-rigged dhow
From restaurant at Zanzibar Ferry. Had a
“Freddy Mercury” menu