Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wish us luck....

We head off at 05:00 tomorrow morning, for the drive up through northern Kenya.  This is the roughest part of the trip.  The road is called "the road from hell".  You can't drive more than 20-30 kph, or you'll break your car.  More of a worry for us is the Shifta bandits, nomadic tribes that occasionally prey on travellers on the road to Moyale in N. Kenya.  Recent droughts have made them more aggressive.  And of course, one is assailed by middle-class angst. What does one do?...
In Archer's post tomorrow, we decide whether to take armed escorts along: local soldiers or police.
There's also the prospect of camping, as there's no lodges or inns.  Also then there's shortage of water and food. 
The least of the worries is no internet.... won't be back on line for five days or so, till we're in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia.
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TTFN [= "ta ta for now"]