Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Revisiting the pile

From Day 10, Kapishaya Lodge in Northern Zambia, via Ng'andu Lodge (aka "Africa House").  
The story of the Goore-Browns is told in "Africa House" by Christina Lamb, and the Shiba Ng'andu Estate's website is here.
The younger brother inherits this (Kapishaya Lodge)....

... while the older brother gets this (but not Gordon),
Africa House, the Ng'andu Lodge, Northern Zambia
British inheritance law...
Paula at Africa House gatehouse.  It's a long walk to the manor house behind her.
The elder Goore-Browne would check out guests with binoculars, to decide if he could
be bothered to greet them formally or not..

A fine stand of Tasmanian Blue Gums line the way to the Gatehouse
Bright, whose father and grandfather before him served
the Goore-Browns, shows us the family tree of Ng'andu Lodge